Monday, April 09, 2007


Jason & I 15 years ago, 6 months after we met, how we change.

My wonderful family, mum, dad, brothers & sisters on our wedding day.

Who would have thought Jordan would come along so soon after.
Jordan in hospital recovering from Meningitis
Nicolas born 16 months later after Jordan, here aged 4 months.
Jordan & Nicolas aged 3.5 & 2 years of age.

Learning to drive a golf cart early.

Nicolas & Chloe aged 2 and chloe 2 months of age.
Chloe aged 2 months, cute as a button.

Chloe aged 3 months.

Chloe aged 2, opening presents on her birthday.

Chloe aged 3.

Family photo at the Zoo.

Jordan on his walk to nowhere, likes to be in a world of his own.

One of my beautiful sisters Sarah & Jordan aged 4.5 years old.

Time has flown, passed has the years,

In that time, so many tears,

Tears of sadness, tears of joy,

Watching our children, play with their toys.

God gave to me some hurdles in life,

To test and see me as a mother & wife,

I thank him for these challenges, it has taught me to be strong,

And because of him, we have made it along.

Thankyou Lord, for keeping our children safe & sound,

Without you, the love we share, would never been found.


Anonymous said...

Wow Sweet, they're great photos! I haven't forgotten the one I have of you from school, I shall get to that soon!

My world has been a bit of a whirlwind lately, but more about that another time!

Hope your easter was Eggxellent!

I'll be in touch soon xx

Maddy said...

You're making me feel very old and crumbly.

Lora said...

LOVE the photos! Thanks for sharing them. Please get in touch with me, I miss you all. Sorry I got behind in reading your blog but I just caught up and am glad that all is well with you all. Take care my friend, I will write to you soon.......hope your e-mail is still the same. Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing post, both for the pix and the words -- ty for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Hi all reading i am setting up a new blog because i have a new email address and cant change it.
I have forgotton my password - ouch so i have to start again from the start.

Casdok said...

Fab pics!

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