Monday, May 01, 2006


There are so many people who I need to thank and my never-ending thanks go to:-

My Mother & Father, without them we could not have gone through his diagnosis alone.

Without their emotional & financial support from helping with Dr's bills to helping us accept our childs future with their positive outlook on life in everyway i dont know how we could have got through everything that was to follow.
In every aspect they have shown the utmost patience and understanding.
Mum and dad never stopped researching after he was diagnosed and always provided any information to help us get through this transition in life.

My brothers & sisters who showed utmost patience when all I could do was cry after the diagnosis, and always gave me a shoulder to cry on, as well as treating Jordan as an individual, not as someone who is just different.

My husband Jason, for putting up with my obsessiveness and letting me read to him research every day and accepting his sons prognosis with dignity and pride, always having faith that he would and could do better with the right treatments.Jordans aunties,uncles & cousins who have showed interest in his wellbeing.

They have always been willing to learn about autism and listen to the latest regarding his medical treatment etc.

Members of Jasons family who have always asked me how Jordan is and shown an active interest in his developments, especially Jasons cousin Genevieve who i now call my cousin and her kids call us Uncle Jay and Aunty Kiralea. She is such a dear member of our family and friend. Her support & willingness to understand Jordan and her sound advice provided to help me through hard times has been wonderful. She always knows how to uplift my spirits.

My Nanna Sue Lindfield who is my mentor with her wisdom. She is not only my Nanna but best friend. Even though she lives thousands of miles away in Perth, she is a phone call away and we always manage to have a great chat with much laughter. Nanna has always sent material to us and her knowledge of Autism has proven time she has spent researching material about Autism and has always been interested in Jordans progress.

My grandmother Florence Willis, who would talk to me late at night when all I could do was cry and did her best to try and understand what autism was, even though she was adamant that autism meant deafness, not a neurological disorder. Bless her heart.

My heartfelt thanks to all my friends who have listened to my pain and been there for me. Especially Tammy Bignell who herself has a autistic son and would always be happy to listen and give me great advice on how to deal with the lack of funding so our son could get the best possible chance in life.

And last but not least Jordans school Halinda. They have not only helped us overcome many hurdles with Jordans education, but also helped him try to understand what this world has to offer and to adapt to many different surroundings that awaits him in life. Their love, understanding, encouragement and patience has shown us what lucky parents we are that Jordan attends a school with 2 special teachers that have dedicated their time with so much commitment to his schooling needs for the last couple of years and I will have to be bias when i say, no one could have done better with him, the way they have. We thank them so much with words, that we feel is not enough.

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