Monday, May 01, 2006


Thats me behind my poppy with brother
Nicolas and sister Chloe.
(i love iceblocks)

My name is Kiralea and our son was diagnosed at the age of 2.
I have dedicated this Blog for our little Jordy boy and anyone out there who has just had a child diagnosed with Autism or just to read out of interest. Below is Jordans story.
My Name is Jordan. I am at this point in time 7.5. I was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two.

My mother and father were devastated even though mum felt it in her heart before diagnosis. Daddy kept telling mummy i was ok and probally regressing after my brother was born when i was 17 months old. I love music and eating chocolate. Too much sends me silly.
I am happy most times and love affection and my back and arms tickled.
I'm handsome too and love to pose like a supermodel in the mirror.
I hope you enjoy reading what mum has put together all about


Pop said...

It's pop here. I always felt different(and still do).
There is nothing wrong with being different you know.....A lot of famous people gained fame because they were "different".
I really love your webpage and wish I could "crack" that mahjong game like you do.
Love you my little French Prince.

Kiralea Powell said...

Jordan says;

Thanks pop you have always understood my thinking of the world around me. You will never crack that Mahjong game like i can because your a lot older than i am and by the time you think you have, i will be far more advanced by then. he he he. Love from your little french prince.

Debby said...

Hi Jordan and Kira,

It's very nice to meet such a handsome fellow as you. I have a good-looking grandson named Noah, who is also very special.

I will stop by often and hope to keep up with whatever you are up to.