Thursday, May 04, 2006

I just wanted to show to everyone a photo of Jason and I with 2 of our bridesmaids when we were married.
The photo is of us in 1997 with one of my best friends Louisa (right) and my friend Michelle (left)
I write this because Jason and i have been almost married for 10 years.
On this day/night after, Jordan was concieved and i thank my lucky stars that he came into our lives 9 months later after spending a special day making our vows.
Jason and i have had many ups and downs and i take this opportunity to tell him how much he means to me.
Jason has supported me through depression, has suffered depression himself for a short while and basically helped me through tough times throughout our 16 years together.
He has stuck by me, stood up for me, and most days he makes me laugh with his witty sense of humour and crazy antics that makes our life together so complete.
I have taken this time to speak about the other important person in my life besides our children and that is my husband.
He is a great daddy, friend, mentor and lover, is extremely close with my family who adore him.
When we fight, at times in the heat of the moment i want to run away and leave, but at the end of the day as my mother has said, you could never live without him because besides our emotional ups and downs, he will always bend over backwards for me and anyone else who needs his help and support. I know he loves me equally and his actions speak louder than words.
The photo at the beginning is of Jason and the boys a few years ago. What a devoted daddy!
Jason never thinks twice to help vacuum the floor, help with the dishes, wash and dry clothes along with his moral support.
So Jason, daddy, this page is for you because i want you to know how much you mean to all of us.
Your never ending support with the children and myself means the world to us all.
I love you and always will my love
xxxx Kiralea, Jordan, Nicolas and Chloe.

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Lora said...

Wow! What a great letter you have written Kiralea. It was heartwarming, gentle/kind, and truly honwst. The writing on your blog is getting better and better all the time, I am impressed! Isn't Jason's surprise really sweet?
We love you all and send you big hugs