Thursday, May 04, 2006


I just red what my wife had written and want to introduce myself.

I am Jason, Kiralea's husband, Jordan, Nicolas and Chloes father.
I at times have been difficult to live with especially under stress, working long hours etc.

Kira (my nickname for her) is a wonderful wife, mother and friend also.
Her genuine kindness to others, her compassion to people who are less fortunate has made me realise what a wonderful person i married.

Kira has a bubbly personality, always has, this is what first attracted myself to her.
Her zest for life is another thing i find highly attractive.
I am normally a very private person, and find it hard to communicate with others on a basic level so me writing this is all new to me.

Kiralea has gone to bed and i am writing this to suprise her when she next logs on, as she is always telling me i do not have many romantic qualities about me, yes maybe not as i have always believed buying flowers is a waste of money and flowers die, so than your relationship may also. I have many times bought fake flowers only to learn the dogs had chewed them.

Kira i love what you have written and after reading your blog dedicated to me i sat and thought about your words and realised that is was my turn to express my love for you and the kids also which i never have done as such.
You have fought for Jordy boy's rights in this world, Nicolas has turned out to be a wonderful caring and polite kid and Chloe is coming along with her milestones all because of you!!

So you may think at times i am no way romantic but this should be enough proof how much i love you and the kids and appreciate what you have done and made possible for our childrens lives in bringing them up in this not so perfect world.

Love to you my mon cherie
Jason xxx


Lora said...

Hi Jason,
Nice to meet you. What a beautiful and sincere letter you have written to you most deserving wife and mother of your children. Your words are eloquent and generous. If you could, please give Kiralea and the kids a great big hug from us (Lora & Griffin). Kiralea wrote a wonderful letter to you didn't she? BTW, that is wonderful photograph of the two of you and also the one of you and boys. I think that is so romantic that you wrote this letter. Perhaps you could comsider writing something on the blog now and then.
Take care and give Jordan,Nicolas, Chloe, and Kiralea a great big hug from me and Griffin.
Take care Jason.

Lora & Griffin

Debby said...

Well hello Jason,

It's a pleasure to meet you and Kira is going to love this. What a very sweet surprise for her.

Kira, you are very blessed. Take care shug.