Monday, May 01, 2006


My husband thought everything was ok.
Everyone saw subtle signs and didn’t know what to say.
My husband leading up to the diagnosis was ever so strong,
No matter how much he reassured me I knew he was wrong.

Finally by the age of 2, any language he once acquired, slowly was lost
I then had to find out why, no matter the cost.
Our son didn’t appear to know his name anymore,
He no longer answered the phone hello, his eye contact was poor.

After his G.P referred him to a paediatrician, with some concern,
It was the sad fact he was autistic, we were to learn.
In the bottom of my heart for sometime I felt I knew,
At nights I would lay awake, think and stew.

No matter how prepared you think you are for the worst
Its when those words are spoken, you feel you’ve been cursed.
Why our beautiful little boy, our first born son
He no longer says to us dad or mum.

It was only after our 2nd sons 1st birthday, the realisation set in,
He wasn’t interested in clowns or toys, only his world around him.
It is so hard to express at times one feels with despair,
There have been moments when I think no one but me really cares.

I see other children playing happily and clapping along,
Something our son once did to his favourite songs.
Those memories I hold dear to my heart,
But I question myself, where do I start.

So too our little Jordy boy we all affectionately say,
We believe with our help, you will get better with each new day,
There will be hurdles and challenges to face with your autism
I know it will pay off with patience, call it a mother’s intuition.

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