Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Well its been a while since updating my blog and its been for a good reason.
Jason, myself and kiddies have moved back about a month ago to my mum & dads to save money and because the opportunity arose.

We are looking to move at the end of the year into a new place near the beach, down south at Shoalhaven heads, near Nowra.
We have done our research for Jordan and found there is a special school for him in Nowra nearby so it has made things a lot easier, as there is limited resources in NSW for children with special needs and moving away from Sydney can prove to be a hiccup for children like Jordan.

Its about 2 hours from mum & dads, but a lovely country area and cheaper living costs. I am hoping to get another horse again and get the children into riding eventually.

I am studying at the moment Medical Administration and in September i will studying to become a Pathology Collector, taking blood. I love anything Medical and have just applied for a position at a hospital part-time in the sleep disorder unit for children to get experience and achieve my goals.
Now the children are older, i feel i can cope with full time study again.

Jordan has come a long way since i last posted. He has started using the toilet to do his poohs with our help of course, and hope sometime soon he will take himself.
I decided to stop giving into nappies a month ago and after Jordan holding on for 4 days (dont know how he did it) he finally let go in the toilet much to our excitment.
Now that he is almost 8 i felt it was time to make him use the toilet with many promises of treats if he would do it. Now he just does it without treats promised to him and doesnt hold on as long now when seated on the toilet.

His language has picked up, and he is now asking "breakfast please mummy" and asking me to wipe his bottom. I am so proud and happy he has come this extra milestone. Nicolas and Chloe are going great, we just came back from Shoalhaven heads after spending a week down there at the Shack which is run by the Apex club for children with disabilities and illnesses.

We are about to enbark on another adventure with the kids on Friday and visit my best friend Kirrily for a week at Hawks Nest at the Central Coast. It gives us and my parents the sanity needed as the kids can be noisy and my dad has the patience of a Tasmanian Devil. Ha ha. My mum nags me constantly and i have realised even being 35 our mothers never stop being mothers and telling me how to be a mother!

Otherwise all is well and everyone is getting on fine. School holidays are here and its bedlem as usual, because my mother and father are starting to breed exotic cats and Himalayans and one of her cats are on heat crying to get outside to get her rocks off and mum is constantly worried with the kids in and outside letting her out.
We are all on eggshells at the moment. Ahhhhhhh well, thats life at the moment and am waiting to win the big one so i can visit lora & Griffin in Alaska all the while trying to save our butts off and pay off our debts. I will keep you all up to date soon with some pictures, now my computer is up and running again so i can use the internet.

I am sorry to anyone if i have not responded to your questions regarding IP etc, i did not recieve them through my email and its only now going through my blog i have noticed a few peoples comments and questions. A few asked to stay in touch so please email me at kp_powell1234@hotmail.com so we can share more info with one another. Thanks again for all your responses and once again my apologies for not answering a couple of questions earlier.


K.C.'sMommy said...

Well hello!

So happy to see your blogging again yay! We all have missed your posts and we are extra happy you are back!

Wow Jordan is making super progress especially toileting! Good for you Jordan and Mommy!

Have you gotten all settled in at your parents house? How are the kids liking it?

Happy to have you back!

Lora said...

Welcome back my dear friend! So very glad to hear that Jordan is doing so well with the potty and with his language, I'm so proud of him. I hope that you have fun visiting your friend and that things work out so that you do get your place on the beach and are able to get a horse. Oh, how I love horses, sure do wish that I could have one. I'm proud of you too that you are studying and I wish for you to get that part time job at the sleep clinic. I am going on too long, I will write you a letter. ~HUGS~