Sunday, July 16, 2006

Well we all went up to the coast for 6 days to stay with my beloved best friend Kirrily and had the most wonderful time. We took one of our dogs Tiger and the kids loved it, going to the beach playing ball with Tiger and Kirrily's dog Shandy.
Jordan decided that Winter will not weary him, and decided to go swimming every time we went to the beach. We were exhausted between watching dogs chase people jogging up the beach and saving children from drowning. Jordan has no fear, as most Autistic children have, so poor daddy a few times had to jump into the waves to stop him going further out into the depth of the waters.
Surprisingly that we are now in the middle of winter the water was not too bad. There was a few people swimming. Brrrrr it was still cold enough for me.
Jordans other front tooth fell out and this time there was no tears, just calmly walked up to me and said "look oh no" and gave me his little tooth to meand ran off to find other mischief to get into.
My friend Kirrily had tears in her eyes when we were leaving and when i asked her whats wrong, she told me she always feels lost when we go home as she loves us all so much. Well dito to that because i miss her a lot too when we leave. We always have so much fun together and with the kids.
Jordan today took himself to the toilet to do his pooh after i told him to go, he went and sat on his own and did it without resistance, then asked me to "please wipe his bottom". I feel the hardest part of teaching him is almost over and after asking him to try and wipe his own behind and getting it on his little fingers, i decided momentarily we should do this ourselves for a while!
Our little baby is finally growing up, even though he is eight, he is still to us the 3 year old he once was. Jordans speech has dramatically picked up over the last 2 weeks and feel so much more confident he will just keep getting better and better. He asks for things so clearly now and always says please and thankyou (sometimes with reminding). Jordan the other day picked up a bible and red it aloud to me, i was so proud he even red some of the big words without much help.
School starts back on Tuesday, so my mother is looking forward to this as it can be very noisy living here. I have been trying to download a couple of pictures but its either too slow or a problem with
Chloe and Nicolas are doing fine and i have incorporated into there diets not more bloody sugar it sends them barny and ourselves so to speak.
Ahhh finally it has let me load the pictures, it is an old one of Nicolas and Jordan on a hot summers day Nicolas is the most cutest little boy.
The other one is finally of Mocha, Jordans little Kitty Kat as he always calls him. He is so patient and understanding of the children especially of Jordan. Anyway thats enough for the night and i will be back soon. Arevoir all and take care.

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Lora said...

Hooray for Jordan using the toilet on his own, for being such a big boy when his tooth came out, and for his language skills improving. He is growing up so fast. I am so very glad that you had a good vacation with your friend. It is always nice to spend time with good/close friends and especially at the beach. That is a good picture of Nicolas and of Mocha too.