Saturday, August 19, 2006

Well its been a while again and thought i would update you all what has been happening. I have moved to Hawks Nest with the children and Jason will be following at the end of the year when his contract for Transfield runs out..
We at the moment are living with my friend Kirrily and looking to find a house to rent. I enrolled the children at Tea Gardens Public School and Jordan is now attending Main stream IO support class.
I must say i put Jordan back on the zinc and his language and whole being has been amazing.
He will now ask me questions and actually have a short conversation with me.
His new teacher Mr Yo is lovely and been a special ed teacher for over 20 years, though retired in that field 10 years ago and now has taken up helping Jordans transition into his new school.
We are at the moment sending Jordan 1hr a day to help him adjust in his new environment which is very different to his old school Halinda.
We are waiting for the paperwork to go through so they can get the required funding for a teachers aid to sit with him in class.
I have been very nervous as the school hasnt got the same safety precautions he had before. The students have been introduced to Jordan and seem to be very understanding of his Autism and quirky behaviour he brings into the school.
There are quite a number Aspergers children within the school and I think Jordan is going to be a big challenge and very interesting to see how it all works out. I would like to thank Halinda for all the efforts they had made for Jordan especially Joan and Mrs Cooksley as this move was very sudden and he was taken out immediately.
Living with my parents didnt work out as my father who works hard couldnt handle Jordans behaviour and noises, especially after working all day and coming home tired. My father is not well also and Jordan seemed to be stressed and i was stressed trying to keep him quite.
Jason and I had planned to go South but decided North would be the way to go and it is such a beautiful community who have made the kids and I very welcome and Mrs Esten Nicolas's & Jordans Principal is absolutely lovely,caring and has bent over baclwards for Jordan to attend the public school as this is all very new to them with Jordans type of Autism.
Jordan just thinks she is wonderful as he is always asking to go to the principal, and when she talks in assembly he doesn't make a sound.
We couldnt find Jordans teacher Mr Yo the other day and we found him Jordan said "good morning Mr Yo, where have you been" I am so proud of his change in behaviour and language.
Oh by the way hip hip hoorah for Jordan, He now poohs by himself on the toilet and wipes himself without much help, then runs to me and says " mummy did pooh on the toilet, Good boy" I tell you it wasn't easy at first but my stubborness paid off without giving into him to put a nappy on. He did have me worried a while as he would hold onto for
3 days or more.
I believe he will benefit being in a main stream school because he has the ability, i believe, to keep going forward.
We are heading off on Tuesday to visit his old school to say goodbye properly as we are here in sydney until Thursday morning.
Kirrily my best friend has been a wonderful support and its been the best change for us all. I feel better about myself, achieving more independance than i ever have had. We walk every day along the waterfront to take the kids to school and they love it.
I managed to enrol Chloe in preschool 2 days a week and she is having a fantastic time. They have chickens at the preschool and everyday collect some eggs and make pancakes for the kids for morning tea.
Nicolas loves his new school as well and doing much better than before as being such a small community they have more one on one attention for their schooling needs.
The kids have told us they do not want to come back to Sydney. It is about a 2.15 hrs drive and we can walk practically walk everywhere to get what we need. I have hired a holiday rental for a month to give my friend and boyfriend some peace and quite. It is great to live somewhere cheap near the ocean, lakes and enjoy the fresh air compared to the sydney smog and busy lifestyle oh and no bloody traffic lights!
Our 2 dogs are enjoying their freedom on the beach and room to play as border collies are so active and do not stop.
I miss hubby a lot but he is earning good cash to end of year and will be up as soon as his job finishes and has been told he can get work up there at the country club. I have been offered some work in a real estate around the corner as it gets a little warmer and busier period working on reception which i am excited about to earn some dollars as well.
All is happy and well, and i have never felt this elated in my life as i have been the past month. I really miss my family down here but all in all i think this is going to be a much more pleasant lifestyle for all of us.
I have not been able to update my blog for a while as i dont have the internet at the moment so i am taking every opportunity to update while i can at the moment. All my lovely friends who read this regulary take care and really miss chatting especially to Lora and Tina. Lots of hugs to you all and hope to see you in in the blogosphere soon.
Arevoir Jordan, Nicolas, Chloe, Jason and Kiralea


Lora said...

I MISS YOU too girl!!!! I am soooo glad that things are going well for you all. HOORAY for Jordan and all his great accomplishments. I know you are so proud of him and so am I. Sorry that you are missing Jason but just think how wonderful your reunion will be (wink wink). You'll have to send me your new address because I want to send those videos and some postcards to you. I will send you an e-mail but I don't know how often you will be able to check it but that's okay because I know that you are thinking of me. Love to you all hugs and kisses

K.C.'sMommy said...

I am so very happy that things are going great for you all! How awesome for Jordan and going to the bathroom all by himself, way to go Jordan!
We miss you in the blogosphere and look forward to reading your posts soon. Hugs to you all:)