Friday, September 29, 2006

Hi all i am in Sydney for a while with school holidays. We have found a lovely place to live after living out of holiday rentals for over a month. I am organising to bring our furniture out of storage and finally be able to say we are home.
Jordan is going 2 hours a day now instead of the one hour Tea Gardens school could offer. His language skills are awesome now and we can actually hold a short conversation with him and he is going through a inquisitive stage asking all sorts of questions, and building a conversation from there.
His toileting is going well and hopefully funding will come through soon so he can start going to mainstream full time.
He loves school and when he asks me when are we going i tell him soon and his reply is always "good idea" he makes us laugh.
Nicolas has progressed also beyond a doubt and after worrying he may be dyslexic he has shown otherwise since starting his new school.
It is such a lovely environment to raise children because it is a small country community and everyone seems to look out for oneanother.
I have been embraced into this community and its so nice to feel welcome and that everyone i have met have bent over backwards to help Jordan and myself into this new transistion in life.
Chloe loves her pre-school and starts big school next year with her brothers and cannot wait and is doing very well especially in the art area. Her drawings and colouring is so good i think we have a little artist on our hands.
Her kindy comment all the time how good she is compared to other children her age.
I at times feel lonely and we all miss jason when he cant get up to visit, but it has made our relationship stronger and given him a sense of respect and understanding how hard it can be to be on your own most of the time and raise 3 children alone, especially an Autistic child like Jordan.
We are putting a lot of our troubles behind us and trying to build a better relationship between us which is fantastic, maybe this is why the kids are doing so well without all the stress that surrounded our daily lives before.
My friend Kirrily has been a fantastic help with the children also when i need it and i can say i have a true friend that loves us all unconditionally as well.
My family miss us and we miss them but i have made a new start for all of us and am so happy where we are and there is no looking back.
I still havent the internet on as yet as i am looking to moving in a fortnight so after this i will be able to chat with all my special friends i have made within the blogosphere world. take care all and speak to you all soon.

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Lora said...

Gosh Kiralea, I have missed you so very much. I am glad that you all are doing so well, it is so good to hear from you and see what is going on with you. Sending love, hugs, and kisses your way. Please get in touch with me when you are able because I would love to talk with you again or at least exchange e-mail like we used to. Take care my dear friend, we love you guys!!!!!!!