Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hi all and i can finally say how happy i am to have a new computer and able to blog my life away again.
Jason has finally arrived for good up in Tea Gardens and it feels great to have some respite and help once again.
Jordan is doing well at school and the teachers just love his little quirks.
I have started working at the school canteen to help out and he knows where to escape when i am on the canteen and say "mummy green slush puppy please" god love him.
We have come to the realisation that Nicolas is indeed Aspergers but only mild high functioning and extremely bright, after feeling he may have been incorrectly diagnosed. His teacher came to me the other day and asked me if loud unexpected noises affected him and when i think about it happens a lot.
I told his teacher that in he was diagnosed with Aspergers in Sydney and she is the 3rd teacher to comment on his behaviour so they are going to organise some funding to help him along. I am surprised it hasnt depressed me what so ever because i have accepted this is meant to be and no matter what he is a bright happy child most of the time and has many friends at school, especially older children.
Chloe is also showing symptoms of Aspergers which has despaired us a little, having 3 children now with most probaly special needs.
Her behaviour is extreme, temper tantrums to say the least, then she is the most beautiful little girl with a heart of gold, we call her Jekyl and Hyde
(to ourselves that is)
She doesnt like to give people eye contact and will only do so with who she is familiar with, but then again this could be just shyness, yet at school and kindy she is so quiet and well behaved.
My dad feels he was always different and i do believe my dad may be Aspergers as well with his extreme moods and repetative behaviours and anti social behaviour at times.
Aspergers we think is also in Jasons family so when you think about the gene thing our kids obviously inherited it from both of us. But all in all we are blessed with loving healthy children and nothing in this world can change the fact that they all may have different needs so we cant wallow in self pity, we will just move ahead and do what is best by our beloved children.
I am feeling great and much happier and weening myself off the Prozac, so far so good, we will see. I am loosing weight so far 12 kilos which is great, Jason can actually see shape in my backside now, how it used to be (he he) living near the ocean and walking the kids to school has been good for me, also the fact working in the school canteen up to 3 days a week (just started) keeps me busy and active.
I am missing my family a lot but enjoying what life has to offer up here and never felt better. My best friend Kirrily is just so awesome considering she has had many hurdles to overcome with her health etc. We had a great night before Jason arrived together dancing with the kids and pumping up the music.
The service station across the road must be getting some free entertainment with Jordan spinning non stop and they have actually asked me how he does it for so long then walk away with feeling dizzy. Jordan has taken on new phase, throwing things off our balcony (argggg) and strips off down to his undies constantly and does cartwheels across the balcony so i guess you could agree he is very much entertaining, let alone my friend and I when we get down and funky with the kids.
Well that is about all i have to talk about for now and Vanessa (friend from school) i know you read this blog everyday checking for updates can you email me please to my new address i have lost all my email addresses waaaaaa.
Take care all.


mcewen said...

Now you and I have a great deal in common! Come on over and visit. Best wishes

KC's Mommy said...

Hi there! K.C.'s Mommy here:) How are you guys? So glad to hear you have a new computer and Jason has joined you! Hooray! Now you can blog away:)

Happy to have you and your family back in the blogosphere!