Friday, December 29, 2006

School Holidays have kicked in and 1 week later, just loving it, not!
Nicolas and Chloe fight incessantly. Hubby is working late shifts and i am over it.
I am trying to keep the kids quiet all day while he sleeps and all i hear is SHHHHUUUTTUP!
I take them in the car for a drive and all they do is fight and hear Nicolas is pinching me, Chloe is pinching me! gawwwwwwd!
I take them to the beach and all I do is yell at Nicolas and Chloe to not go in far as they cant swim properly. Jordan Just takes off down the beach and while trying to keep an eye on two kids swimming i am chasing Jordan down the beach.
I cant understand why i am not 15 kilos lighter.
Anyway my good news is my best best friend Kirrily got engaged on XMAS day to Ray her boyfriend of 1 year and her ring is divine.
He proposed to her in front of everyone and i am her matron of honour. They will get married within the year on the beach so i have a lot of organising to do to help make her day perfect.
Oh boy we have been discussing everything and Chloe is going to be her flowergirl as well. We have a busy year ahead of us.
I think i am more excited then they are!
All is well and the kids will go to mum & dads in a week for a week so Jay and i can spend more time together. Nicolas and Chloe just came back from Jasons parents for 2 days and had a great time with their Grandmere and Grandpere. I have had one of my great friends Kylie come up for 4 days and just left yesterday so everything is quietning down now.
Hope all had a Merry XMAS and also a prospherous New Year, take care and travel safetly. By the way i recieved a message from Alex Clarke please email me i remember you, i sent a reply to your message wowwww keep in touch, hopefully we can have a chat on MSN or Yahoo.


Lora said...

Hope that you have a very happy new year my dear friend!!! Let's keep in touch. Hugs to you all. Love, Lora and Griffin

mcewen said...

Holidays are fun, but they're also damned hard work [pardon my French.]Best wishes for 2007