Thursday, January 11, 2007


Well I couldn't resist putting this photo on my blog page. Rosemary knight who i went to school with sent me the this photo of her daughter Holly the other day. Isnt she soooo cute!

Well the weather has been kind to us, and there is no way i will spend another summer in Sydney. It is such mild weather compared to Sydney, it does get hot but it is a comfortable heat.

My friend Kirrily and i go every morning for a hours walk along the beach at 7am. I am determined to loose more weight before her wedding in September this year. My ankle is still giving me grief but decided to put up with the pain and pound the sand. It is such a lovely walk and we see the Dolphins every morning feeding close to the shore with their babies.

Nicolas comes with us sometimes and we collect shells along the way, found a few unusual ones and we are going to make necklaces out of them. The water has been a nice 22 degrees most days. I need to get a new printer so i can start scanning more pictures and uploading them onto my blog.

Jordan is doing really well with his speech and toileting, we have finally got it right, though he insists i take him. Dad doesnt mind one iota. He doesnt have to wipe his behind! My mum and dad are meant to be having the kids this Saturday for a week, though her back is playing up again and in a lot of pain, so i might have to put it off as its going to be too much for her i feel.

Jordan has started screaming a lot lately and driving us batty with the noise. He seems so agro, i dont know if it is because he is getting older and more frustrated with things that normally would never trigger these outbursts. Its hard as hubby has been doing a lot of night shifts and i cant keep him quiet.

Chloe has calmed down so much these holidays, i cant believe it is the same little girl. She has become such a little lady, and i cant believe she is starting school this year. She is so excited.

Its been pleasant without hearing tantrums, its hard enough with Jordan yelling his lungs out. I try to get out with them, but it is hard with Jordan at times who yells and trys to take off on us, almost getting hit by cars in the process. It puts me off going anywhere with him at times, but i have too, he does need more interaction with society. I have been taking him to the shops and getting him to pay the the staff and asking him to count out the change to me. we are getting there with him.

The house is a mess constantly and whenever i clean for hours it is like it again in 10 minutes. I keep finding little presents in our cupboards from Chloe who likes to play with flour and water in cups and other things, it is only when i smell something unpleasant and go searching i find these little deposits. Ahhhh the joys of children and being a parent.

Jordan has taken on a some new phases, drinking from his cup and spitting it out everywhere, then laughs at this new found game. Gawd i am on my hands and knees more than i am standing! If its not the water, its smashed eggs on the bench, empty yogurt containers with yogurt on the floor and the washing machine at my friend Kirrily's house spilling out water everywhere, because its playing up and he loves turning it on, believe me, we even have tried unplugging it and somehow he finds a way to switch it back on, so my time there seems to be mopping up water everywhere.

Life is never boring here in this mad house, and instead of getting mad at him i am going MAD!



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