Thursday, January 11, 2007

Well let me say, i know i updated my blog page earlier but wanted to type some more. I dont always find the time to type away but tonite now, i can.
We had a great day! Went down to the beach with the children and i actually went swimming. Oh my gosh, i cant believe it myself. Well after putting on the 30 plus an hour later i did still get a little burnt.
Dolphins were swimming near us and I suddenly felt safe because i know sharks will not usually swim near a pod of dolphins.
Well, where we went swimming it is a 10 minute walk through the bush, my friend Kirrily and i walk this every morning before we pound the sand which is a dirt track before hitting this paradise, and hubby was winging all the way (he hadn't been to this place yet) "gawwwd when we finally get to the the water and swim, we will be hot again by the time we get back to the car and will need another swim"!
Anyway it was worth it and when we got to the water there was so many boats anchored out i swear James Packer's boat was also out there. (that is Kerry packers son (Australian Billionaire) if you all dont know what i am talking about)
Jordan a few times tried to do the hudini on us as usual, but decided after we found a quiet spot, cover himself with sand, dig little holes and come in and wash himself off and stay where we made ourselves comfortable. We enjoyed a lovely family day out from 12.30pm (after lunch) until 3pm and i must admit, being the joker i can be, never saw my family run out of water as quickly as they ever have after telling them "SHARK QUICK GET OUT" .
I know it is crying wolf, which i dont do a lot (justifying) as a way of seeing how quick people can move. I said to hubby later pretend it was a drill and next time i expect you all to get of the water 30 seconds quicker!

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