Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Well i can start my blog off with some great news.
Not only are we so proud of Jordan's accomplishments but he has stepped over another milestone.
On Monday Jordan did his first pooh on the toilet at School.
His teacher Mrs Evans was beside herself with elation and shed tears after she told me what he had done. I must say Vicky (his teacher) has proven to have a ferocious appetite when it comes to schooling Jordan, and i mean that nicely, as she has proven to be a wonderful friend and teacher for Jordan.
Mrs Evans is very firm but kind with Jordan and her dedication to his needs has been an asset, not only to us but for the School. After he did this she raced him up to the principals office and later he came home with stickers all over his shirt. We are so proud of him and I could not help ringing everyone that afternoon to tell everyone about his toileting skills, which has been limited to home.
I have to laugh because that afternoon Jordan came home and was so happy and excited with his achievement, i promised him McDonalds this weekend.
I want to say happy birthday to our other special boy in our life. Nicolas turned 7 the other day, and is doing extremely well with his reading and writing. The change in progress over a short period of time since we have been here has been amazing. He has moved quicker ahead up here than he did from day one in his sydney school.
Chloe started school the other day and looked so cute in her uniform and is doing very well and enjoying school, though Nicolas told me on her 3rd day she was running in and out of the boys toilets, which she recieved an earful about how unlady like this is. I think we are going to have a handful on our hands as she gets older, with her strong personality, though at school she is so quiet.
Daddy is in Sydney again, and the kids miss him but he will be home for a night over each weekend over the next 4-5 weeks.
Well i am feeling fine, except my ankle is still playing up so i had to see a specialist, and probaly will need surgery, it just does not want to heal. Anyway thats all for now.


Tina and Jayce said...

Hello Kiralea,

It sure does sound like Jordan is doing so awesome! Way to go big guy!!! So glad to hear you guys are doing well:) Take care!

Lora said...

WAY TO GO Jordan!!!! What a big boy you are, we are so proud of you and I am sure that your Mommy is too! Please tell him that for us Kiralea. I can't believe that Nicolas is already 7 years old! Where has the time gone? And as for miss Chloe well, I think that you are going to have your hands full with her but that doesn't take away from how wonderful she is. I didn't know that you had hurt your ankle, I am so sorry to hear that you might have to have surgery. I am going to write you soon 'cause I miss you so much. I love hearing from you and keeping up with what's going on.
Hugs to all of you, we love you all