Monday, February 26, 2007


Wow, what a weekend just gone. We had Nicolas's birthday party down at the local pub and we had a great turn out. We had a lot of friends who made the 2.5 hour trip and stay over the weekend. The children had a pool party at the pub, as Jason's boss let us use the pool.
Saved a lot of time and effort as we had it catered for, so at 8.30 pm we came home and threw on a BBQ.

It was fantastic to catch up on some friends we hadnt seen close to five years and Matt who happens to be Jason best mate could make the trip with his wife. I ended up with 9 children over for the night with Tina, craig, their 2 kids and Louisa, one of my best friends. Gawwd by Sunday afternoon i was so tired and exhausted i let the kids have Monday off because they wernt feeling the best and i was feeling a little off myself.

We practically slept all Monday, i must have needed it because i normally wont sleep past 6-7am. Jordan was fantastic considering the amount of people who came, loved his swimming, though as night fell i was having anxiety attacks, having to keep an eye on 6 kids who were staying with us, running around like crazy, and Jordan doing his huidini tricks once again.

Poor Daddy had to drive back to Sydney with 3 of the childrens cousins who stayed, as he has work down there, so i wont be seeing him now for another 2 weeks, as he is working the whole weekend this week and maybe next. I miss him and so do the kids and cant wait to this work is over, though the money is great and managing to pay a lot more bills.

Jordan has used the toilet again at school, so his teacher is making a major breakthru for him and us, i hope soon he will take himself, though i think that will be a while yet.
Anyway, i have finally bought a new printer and can finally put more pictures on my blog, Hip hip horray! Take care all and i will update again real soon.


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Lora said...

Can't wait to see more pictures and it's so great that Jordan is still using the toilet, Way to go Jordan!!!!! Did you get the myspace message that I sent? Hope to hear from you again soon, I love to know how you all are doing. I've been thinking a lot about you lately. Stop by my blog whenever you get a chance and see what we've been up to lately. Hugs to all of you!